Peroxygen Systems

Our Technology

The anthraquinone oxidation process is a mature technology that has been in use for over three-quarters of a century for large-scale hydrogen peroxide synthesis. Due to the nature of this process, synthesis is carried out at centralized plants and the resulting product must be concentrated, purified, and transported to customer sites, where it must then be stored for use. The concentration and purification steps add cost and complexity. Transport and storage of high concentration hydrogen peroxide present significant safety risks as well, as the product is explosive at high concentration. Therefore, the hydrogen peroxide industry has been attempting to produce hydrogen peroxide on-site for several decades. Electrolytic synthesis has the potential to eliminate costs associated with transport, handling, and dilution, as it can be generated on-site and on-demand for immediate use at low concentration. However, prior efforts to commercialize an electrolyzer for peroxide suffered from high production costs as a result of the high voltage required to operate the electrolyzer.

Peroxygen Systems reinvents the electrolytic process through substantial improvements in two key components: the oxygen reduction electrode and the fluid distribution architecture. Improvements in these components reduce the operating voltage significantly, lowering the cost of production to be competitive with anthraquinone oxidation.

Peroxygen Systems 6-stack module (300 kg/day production capacity)

On-site production completely eliminates the shipping and handling costs and safety challenges with high concentration hydrogen peroxide. The customer can also benefit from security of supply and a reduced footprint for using hydrogen peroxide: large storage tanks are not required as the chemical is used as it is produced. Our electrochemically-based process is very scalable. We envision a stack with 30-50 kg/day capability (pure hydrogen peroxide basis). Each stack is roughly the size of a large desktop computer tower, so our system can service any demand, with 400 stacks able to produce 20 ton/day, with a small footprint at the customer site. Our environmentally benign technology only consumes air and electricity to produce hydrogen peroxide, without any hazardous byproducts.